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Search continues for more bodies in clandestine graves in Guanajuato

This Thursday morning, search groups for the disappeared resumed their explorations in the Barrio de San Juan, where until Wednesday afternoon they had found 59 people buried in clandestine graves.

Canine binomials participate in tracking of the property called Rancho Nuevo, located in the urban area to the south of the municipality, next to the Lerma River.

Elements of the National Guard and the Army delimited the area to control the access of people and guarantee the safety of officials of the the state and national commissions to search for persons and relatives of the disappeared.

As of yesterday, Wednesday, 52 excavations had been made; and of these, 37 had been processed with the discovery of 59 bodies in the first three days of this week.

The work continues in 15 graves; In addition, the search commissions said they had leads in areas surrounding Rancho Nuevo where they could find more bodies.

The works started on October 20 could last several weeks.

The process of identification of the persons located in pits It is carried out in the Scientific Investigation Services building of the State Attorney General’s Office, located in the city of Guanajuato.

The searches for the disappeared began in May and have so far been carried out in Salvatierra, Irapuato, Uriangato and Villagrán, area of ​​influence of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and area of ​​struggle between it and the CJNG, with the location of bodies or bone fragments in the first three municipalities.

In Irapuato 17 bags with human remains were extracted from 8 graves and in Uriangato two people were exhumed.

The groups of relatives of the disappeared have found sustenance for carrying out traces in 29 of the 46 municipalities of the entity.

The CEB has in its records that in Guanajuato there are more than two thousand missing people.

He has 14.5 million pesos provided by his national counterpart to exercise before the end of the year.