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Senators discuss changes to the fiscal ‘Big Brother’

The adjustments that will be made to the original initiative of the 2021 fiscal package that the Executive sent to the Congress of the Union and that were approved by the Chamber of Deputies, will be mainly in the Fiscal Code of the Federation, in the Tax Law on the Income (ISR) and in the Federal Law of Rights.

For this, Morena announced that it will present four reservations during the discussion and approval in particular this Thursday in the legislature.

During the ordinary session, the senator for Zacatecas, José Narro, said on the platform that the issue of the tax on the internet and digital platforms is being reviewed.

Speaking in favor of the fiscal package, he accused that the PRD was the party that initially proposed the changes in this matter. In addition, he said that Morena is reviewing the powers that are being conferred on the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to take photographs.

“We are reviewing it and they are part of the reservations that we are raising on these issues,” he said.

In general, he informed that it will be proposed that in the matter of the internet and the radioelectric spectrum, these mechanisms necessary for distance education and communication of the different sectors of society are not affected.

On the subject of grantees, Narro pointed out that it is being reviewed so that foundations that truly do philanthropy, help people, collectives that work for well-being and health, can continue to do so.

He also clarified that the Red Cross will not have any problem because such institutions are excluded. However, he warned that they will not stop pointing to organizations that have committed many abuses to do business, such as those dedicated to education.

For his part, Salomón Jara, senator for Oaxaca, also announced that changes will be made in the faculties of the SAT and done to provide greater legal certainty. For this reason, he warned that they will remain firm in the fight against tax evasion that previous governments allowed.

Likewise, he supported the content of the Income Law and tax package in general because, in his opinion, it is the best answer to face the current context. Both senators affirmed that this confirms the commitment not to increase or create new taxes.

For his part, Senator Martí Batres, from Mexico City, pointed out that this breaks with the tradition of four six-year terms with tax increases, which did not help to solve fundamental problems.

He recalled that during the government of Ernesto Zedillo, with the tax reform, the VAT increased from 10% to 15%; With Vicente Fox, they considered taxing food and medicine with VAT, but they couldn’t; With Felipe Calderón, the special flat rate tax (IETU) and the tax on bank deposits were created.

Finally, he said that with Enrique Peña Nieto, taxes for the middle class were increased and the regime of small taxpayers was eliminated.