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Spain imposes a state of emergency due to covid until May

Several countries in Europe have begun to implement measures to prevent new coronavirus outbreaks.


He Spanish Parliament voted Thursday in favor of keep the state of emergency in the country until May 2021 for slow the resurgence of the coronavirus.

The government and the Parliament agreed vote again in March on the possibility to put an end to state of emergency.

Spain announced its second state of emergency to national level on Sunday, imposing a curfew from 11 pm to 6 am, except in the Canary Islands. The measure allows the 17 regions of the country to establish more restrictions, such as regional border closures.

Last week, Spain became the first European country to exceed one million cases of registered coronavirus officially. The death toll is at least 35,000. The health experts say the true figure could be three times higher due to lack of diagnostic tests and reports.

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