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The Steelers are exciting; only undefeated in the league


The Steelers watch from the top of the NFL a season that brings back sweet memories.

Pittsburgh prevailed in the unbeaten duel against the Titans and with the end of Week 7 they boast a 6-0 record, something the franchise had not enjoyed since 1978, when they crowned that season with the third of their six titles.

The Steel Curtain resurfaces this year after a precarious campaign that preceded it, in which by now they had a poor 2-4 record and a tough outlook after losing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger from Game 2.

Now they travel a totally different path with veteran Roethlisberger, who at 38 is the leader of the sixth best offense in points scored (30.5 per game), while last year they finished as attack 27 (18.1 points per game) .

On defense they are again among the elite, being sixth in points accepted per game (19.7).

The Steelers’ exciting campaign picks up after their most recent two victories came against opponents fighting in the zone to qualify for the postseason such as the Browns (5-2) and the Titans (5-1). Now they will expose this step without defeat by visiting the Cuervos this weekend, a franchise that last season defeated them twice, the second on the final day, in which they were still in the fight to reach the postseason.

But in the Steelers’ redemption campaign, Roethlisberger is one of the best in the league with 1,446 passing yards on 13 touchdown passes. The attack is complemented by running back James Conner (451 yards and four TDs) and rookie Chase Claypool in the receiving corps, who leads the passing attack with 333 yards and another four touchdowns.


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