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There are important reasons to vote on November 3 | The race

If you haven’t voted yet, you still have time. There are a few days before the presidential election on Tuesday, November 3.

Millions of people have already voted by mail or in advance across the country in what is one of the most momentous elections in our history.

If you work on Election Day, you can ask for a few hours to come cast your vote in this presidential race for the White House between Republican incumbent Donald John Trump and Democratic challenger Joseph Biden.

It is always said that your vote can make a difference, but in this election it may be true. A few votes can decide if the country remains divided and full of suspicion and hatred or if we chart a new path where civility and mutual respect prevail.

The past four years have been some of the most contentious, callous and hateful in the country. This has been caused in part by an administration that has failed to govern for everyone, only for those who think like its incumbent Trump.

So if you care about the direction of the country, take about two hours and go out to vote either early or on Election Day.

A strong reason to vote are the 545 immigrant children whose parents cannot be found by the Trump administration. Children were literally ripped from their parents’ arms.

After a court ordered the Republican administration to release and reunify these children with their parents, it turns out that the parents can no longer be located, many of them were summarily deported to their Central American countries.

It is speculated that perhaps some of the parents died upon returning to their Central American countries. Others live in isolated villages in their countries and are unaware of this event.

The administration decided to separate immigrant children in 2017 even though the children would suffer trauma for the rest of their lives.

The current administration separated and incarcerated a total of 5,512 children in metal cages. Among them 2,246 were under 10 years of age and 300 of the children were under 5 years of age.

For these children we have to go out and vote and keep them in mind since acts like these of snatching minors from their parents’ arms have no place in a supposedly democratic country.

Another good reason to vote is the attempt to cancel the DACA program. If reelected, Trump is sure to end DACA and leave 700,000 beneficiaries in the shadows again.

We must insist that this is a diverse country where immigrants are welcome as they have always been an important factor in the life and development of this nation. Immigrants breathe new life into society.

Please don’t stay home, this time you have to go out and vote to end racial division and hatred.