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They decline in favor of Mier as leader of Morena en Cámara

The vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Dolores Padierna, thanked her colleagues on the bench for considering her as an option to succeed Mario Delgado in the position of parliamentary coordinator, but rejected the position and support for Ignacio Mier to lead the bench.

In the message to his colleagues, Padierna said that among the reasons to support him is his closeness and fluid communication with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and asked: “It is time to close ranks, high-minded and responsible generosity.”

“I thank you, with all my heart, for the trust and deference you have had for me. The responsibility that I now have in the Vice Presidency of the Board of Directors is an honor and a great responsibility that I wish to fulfill fully. Political-electoral tasks are also ahead. to endorse in the Chamber of Deputies the majority in favor of the 4T. It is our duty to guarantee the unity of the Parliamentary Group and the unity of the Majority Block. I put to your consideration the possibility that you can support the Deputy Ignacio Mier to occupy the Coordination of our parliamentary fraction of Morena “, assured Dolores Padierna.

Sergio Gutiérrez, another candidate to coordinate the bench, also declined in favor of Ignacio Mier, to whom he expressed his full support and unconditional support.

This Thursday at 7:00 p.m., the Morena bench will have a digital plenary meeting to elect the successor of Mario Delgado, who on Wednesday announced that he would leave office after the result of the survey, which places him as virtual national leader of Brunette.