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They propose to give free intimate hygiene packages in CDMX

The initiative implies a reform to article 53 of the Federal District Health Law. Photo: Special


The local PRI deputy, Sandra Vaca, presented an initiative for the Government of Mexico City to provide the capital women who need it, free feminine hygiene packages and argued that this public policy is needed due to the situation of economic crisis and isolation due to the pandemic that is being experienced, and it is necessary to “support women with limited resources, in marginalized areas and in isolation due to the pandemic.”

In the argumentation of his initiative, Vaca emphasizes that it is necessary for the local government to “facilitate access to hygiene products such as feminine pads and tampons, and to complementary medicines to reduce the collateral effects of this process.”

In the text of the initiative that was presented in the virtual session of the plenary session of the local congress, Vaca points out that for centuries women have been stigmatized during the menstrual period and although it is a “completely normal and physiological process, it has been perceived since ancient times as a mysterious phenomenon, around which numerous myths and taboos have been woven “.

Some of the restrictions that many social groups have imposed on women during the menstrual period are: “those that require isolation from the menstruating woman, those that prohibit sexual relations in this period, those that prohibit preparing food, especially for their partners , those who consider menstrual blood as a dangerous or poisonous liquid and those who confer magical powers “.

In the argumentation of his initiative, Vaca emphasized the importance of eradicating the beliefs that give menstruation a negative character, and influencing the education of the entire population, so that it is understood that menstruation is a natural process and is part of the physiology of women. The initiative implies a reform to article 53 of the Federal District Health Law.

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