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Volunteering at Brooks with Black Canadian Youth: A Way to Mitigate the Effects of Racism

ADVERTISING. As part of the program for young black Canadians funded by the Ministry of Heritage which covers the period 2018 to 2020, the AFB has developed with the help of its local partners and Alberta initiatives that strengthen the capacities of young people in African ancestry in voluntary service and civic engagement. At the same time, these initiatives lead to a change of attitude on the part of the host community which tends to reduce the effects of racial discrimination.

Sa Eva Katusevanako, Managing Director of Association francophone de Brooks (AFB)

These are the workshops to introduce young Canadians of African descent at Brooks to voluntary service; as well as the youth forum on civic engagement and the fight against discrimination.

In general, these initiatives have had the merit of strengthening the capacities of young people in terms of voluntary service, but also their skills in community engagement and the fight against racism.

From theory to practice

After attending these workshops and forums, our young people had the opportunity to do the practice of volunteering after which they unanimously affirmed that their skills in volunteer service and community engagement have increased. .

A young AFB volunteer (Miss Innes) during Canada day 2019. Credit: courtesy

In addition, the participation of a dozen of them in the polling stations during the last provincial elections in Alberta which allowed the return of the Conservative Party to power, and the last federal elections which renewed the Liberal Party. in power has helped to increase their pride and sense of belonging to Canadian society.

Today, AFB has become a benchmark for volunteerism at Brooks

Indeed, whenever the community needs volunteers to celebrate large-scale cultural events such as Volunteer Week, the “Taste of Nations” which coincides with Alberta Arts Day, and “Canada Day” , she always calls on the services of the young volunteers of our association, the majority of whom are of African descent. They participate alongside other Canadians in volunteer activities organized in the community.

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Voluntary services that create a change of attitude and lessen the effects of racial discrimination

Over time, the various voluntary performances of our young people create a change in attitude on the part of the host society, which is increasingly aware of being in front of young black Canadians who are dynamic, aware and responsible. of their community. Young Canadians who, despite the constraints related to the color of their skin, have succeeded in establishing themselves in the voluntary sector and in creating, through voluntary services, a framework for building social bonds, which promotes a feeling of belonging and bringing together citizens of different cultures, religions and skin color. Today, this reality has the advantage of reducing among members of the host community the effects of prejudice and discrimination linked in particular to skin color.

Mademoiselle Jenovie Muaka une des jeunes bénévoles de l’AFB. Crédit photo   courtoisie
Miss Jenovie Muaka, one of the young volunteers of the AFB. Credit: courtesy

AFB would like to thank the Government of Canada for allowing our association to support the Ministry of Heritage in initiatives aimed at equipping our young people in this perpetual fight against racism in all its forms.