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“We want to reduce contacts, but also the risks of contact” –

If the government has chosen to close restaurants, performance halls and training centers, among others, it is to limit both contact and the risk of contact during trips to get there, explained the first Minister François Legault in a press briefing, Thursday, October 29.

“The owners tell us that they have taken all the necessary measures, but that they must close anyway. We do not question their efforts. However, we must prevent. There is a risk of having contact before and after going to a restaurant, for example, ”he explained.

“We must look at the consequences if we do not make sacrifices. I know it’s difficult, but the only cure is to work together to get through it. ” – Francois Legault

The Prime Minister compared the situation in Quebec to that of France, where “all things considered, there are five times as many cases”. Hospitalizations are on the rise and non-essential businesses have had to close their doors.

“It’s a small consolation to watch what’s going on elsewhere,” he admitted. But the situation is worsening across the planet. In France, we see what happens if we lose control over hospitalizations. It’s dramatic.”

“Why am I talking about France? he added. It is because all Quebecers must realize that the situation is critical. The measures are no harsher in Quebec than elsewhere in the world. ”

With 1,030 new cases today, Mr. Legault stressed that Quebec has remained on the same plateau for a month, “a high level, but under control”.

For his part, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé estimates that the number of hospitalizations of around 500 at present “is still high. If we want to keep some leeway, we have to stay below that ”.