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Wedding suspended and hotel fined for violating COVID protocols in Baja California Sur

For renting the space for the wedding of one of the children of the former Secretary of Public Education in Baja California Sur, Héctor Jiménez Márquez, a hotel in La Paz was fined and will have to pay 350 thousand pesos, as health protocols were not respected.

The State Commission for Protection against Risks (COEPRIS) applied this economic sanction after the establishment violated the restrictions over the weekend, according to the COVID risk traffic light in the entity, and allowed a wedding with a high number of people.

Blanca Pulido Medrano, head of the agency, indicated that the capacity was not respected, so they arrived at the site last Saturday while the party was taking place and canceled it.

In addition, an establishment located in the same place was also sanctioned, which sold alcoholic beverages without being accompanied by food (bar) and the allowed capacity was not respected. He added that these actions were carried out with the support of the public force to guarantee the integrity of verifiers and users of these services, in accordance with the entity’s health alert system.

Pulido Medrano insisted on the call to all social and productive sectors to comply with health protocols.

“That they adhere to what is established in this alert system … so that they join forces with the institutions to reduce the level of circulation of the viral disease and thereby protect South Californians who face more vulnerable health conditions,” he said.

During the weekend, the realization of this event caused a stir in BCS, since it was the wedding of one of the children of the former Secretary of Education, an act which he himself attended, according to photographs and videos.

A day after the photographs were leaked, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announced “early” an alleged “resignation” of the head of the SEP in BCS, Héctor Jiménez Márquez; However, versions circulated to the effect that it was related to the events in which the family of the former official was involved.

This Wednesday photographs have now circulated of a birthday party of former Governor Narciso Agúndez Montaño, where a violation of protocols is noted, due to the high number of people.

Users on social networks have called on authorities to put a stop to political acts and social events that have proliferated in BCS in recent weeks. According to figures from the State Secretary of Health, there is a record of 627 deaths from COVID, and 12,171 infected patients, of which 10,861 have recovered and 683 remain active.

The State Health Safety Council determined to maintain the yellow health risk traffic light this week, contrary to what is established by the federal Ministry of Health, which places BCS on an orange traffic light, as it warns of an increase in infections.