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A Halloween like no other

Halloween is fast approaching. But a problem is present this year: the Covid-19 is around each of us in this month of October. Having fun while paying attention to safety is possible, and that’s what the authorities recommend.

Rosie Goulet, correspondent Le Franco

All the kids can’t wait to dress up and fill their mouths with delicious sweets. But would this much-appreciated celebration be a danger this year? This is what the Alberta government is wondering. He offered to participate anyway, but with health restrictions to follow.

Sanitizer-flavored candies?

Wearing a mask, distancing and disinfecting hands and surfaces are the main rules to follow since last March. They will not change to celebrate Halloween, whether it is for the door to door, or for the holidays between relatives. The government recommends not traveling too much and, if possible, stay in your neighborhood with few people for the traditional candy hunt.

This year, let’s celebrate Halloween with originality. Credit: Geoffrey Gaye

“I think we should do the whole Halloween with masks. If we go door-to-door, we just have to isolate the candies or wash them, ”says Anéla, a French-speaking student. In addition, authorities, such as the City of Calgary, suggest that candy donors use their creativity to practice distancing with young people; whether it’s candy catapults, bags outside the residence, and many other fun ideas.

According to the Calgary Herald, in our province, 67% of people plan to door-to-door in their neighborhood, and 41% plan to donate the treats. Of course, it is essential that treat wrappers are sanitized properly before sharing them. “Regarding the distribution of candy, I have a doubt,” shares Caroline Bisson, a teacher at the French-speaking elementary school of Beaumont Saint-Vital. “It will be difficult for the children not to be able to eat the candy right away and wait to disinfect them,” she adds.

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Schools are trying to find solutions

As for schools, each of them will have its own way of doing things. Marianne Goulet, youth worker at the French-language primary school in Sherwood Park Claudette-et-Denis-Tardif, informs that she will organize a pre-recorded Halloween costume parade. Parents will send photos of their children in costume, since wearing the costume will not be allowed at their school.

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Halloween is an alteration of All Hallows Eve, which literally means in French “the eve of all saints”. So for All Saints’ Day, keep your safe distance. Credit: Sarah Therrien

There will also be a mask parade organized by the teachers of this school, in which the young people will have fun creating and decorating masks to show them to other schoolchildren. Each school will proceed in a different and creative way to provide students with a pleasant and unique day.

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A safe Halloween

Be vigilant on October 31st while having fun. In these difficult times, it is of great importance to pay attention to yourself, and to those around you. By following the procedures in a responsible manner, we will be able to get through this ordeal that has been facing us for the past few months. Happy Halloween everyone!