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A speed record called into question – L’

The news snowballed a few weeks ago. For the first time in history, a production car has crossed the 500 km / h mark. The car of the American manufacturer SSC, the Tuatara, which produces 1,750, had reached 532 km / h. However, it turns out that this information was denied by the manufacturer of the telemetry system used during the event, which is not able to confirm the results.

The manufacturer Dewerton made it clear that he was not associated with this extraordinary performance, as no employee of the firm was on hand to validate the record, so it cannot confirm the data from the GPS and the telemetry equipment. For his part, SSC founder Jerod Shelby issued a statement in response to this controversy. “Somehow there was some confusion on the editing side, and I regret to admit that the SSC team did not recheck the video for accuracy before it was released.” , did he declare. But he maintains that the speed record is good and that his company has 15 satellite sensors as well as independent witnesses, all of which he will submit to the Guinness company for certification. It will therefore be necessary to see whether or not this adventure will have a happy ending for SSC. One thing is certain, however, doubt is sown and for many people, it is more than enough to question this extraordinary speed.

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