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A young committed chiropractor – L’

Philippe Parent-Simard, recently graduated from the undergraduate doctorate in chiropractic at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR), won the AVENIR prize in the “Personality 1” cycle”. These awards, awarded annually, honor student commitment.

Mr. Parent-Simard is one of the 14 people who received the honors this year. A cash scholarship of $ 4,000 accompanies this distinction. “It is a great recognition and also a great showcase for the profession, which is less known in Quebec. I am honored, he confides. I have always been involved out of passion. I won among people with impressive journeys. It is truly an honor. ”

It must be said that the young man has an inspiring career. A sportsman at heart, he has been involved in football and Ultimate Frisbee for several years. Former intern-healer for the Cégep de Trois-Rivières football team, Mr. Parent-Simard was also president of his student association.

He also founded the Chiropractic Education and Health Promotion (ÉChOS) group, which aims to introduce young people to this discipline and provide them with information on healthy lifestyles.

“In 2017, I founded ÉchOS with the objective of explaining the profession to young people. I started from scratch, he says. Over time, the project grew and it now has three components. We go to schools to talk about the profession, we offer students tools to popularize the jargon of the profession to patients and we create links with other specialties in the health field. The project is managed by a committee of students. As I finished my studies, I am no longer part of it, but others have taken over. ”

International mission

In 2019, Philippe Parent-Simard completed a chiropractic mission in Bolivia, where he helped many patients recover from neuro-musculoskeletal problems. With this experience, the UQTR graduate then decided to get involved as an administrator in the organization Chiropractic Without Borders, which sponsors the annual missions to Bolivia.

“The mission in Bolivia was for two weeks. It was such a formative experience, he testifies. We see pathologies there that we do not see here. It is a destabilizing experience, but growing. It is through this mission that I became interested in the organization that sponsors it and that I am invested in becoming a director. ”

It is now with all this baggage, a diploma in hand and an honorary prize that the young chiropractor begins his professional career.