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Alex Morgan awaits his debut; have suffered from anxiety


A dog barks on a neighbor’s balcony and Alex Morgan he longs for what he is missing by staying in London.

I am sad that they are not with me ”, says the American soccer player, champion of the World Cup, about Kona Y Blue, two dogs that he rescued. “It was such a spontaneous decision to sign with Tottenham that I couldn’t do all the paperwork in time for them. So they’re still in Florida, but they have a good life. “

Morgan’s life continues while waiting to play a game with Tottenham. A month after the date he planned to debut on the Women’s Super LeagueThe 31-year-old forward is still trying to regain physical capacity after she gave birth to daughter Charlie Elena Carrasco in May.

“There are times when I think stress increases or I’m just a little anxious, but I think I have handled it very wellMorgan says. “I hope that in the next two weeks he will be back on the court with the team as we have had a difficult road, especially in October. So I really want to help the team. “

That requires patience. For now, Morgan has received help through a WhatsApp group, in which other colleagues participate, asking for advice on how to play again after pregnancy.

You start by recovering your stamina, stretching“, Explain. “Balance work because you lose a lot of notion of balance during pregnancy.”

It’s been 14 months since Morgan’s last meeting. Left out with a pre-maternity injury.

Morgan believes he is already having an impact with Tottenham, even without contributing to the game – particularly when it comes to seeking equity between the men’s and women’s teams.

“I’ve had conversations with the club about that,” he says. “Obviously many companies, many clubs and organizations are facing difficulties right now with their finances due to covid. I believe that progress can always be made in women’s sport, not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of fair treatment, facilities and club resources ”.

Morgan isn’t sure how long she will be with Tottenham once she starts playing. You could stay the rest of the season until May or leave in December and go back to Orlando Pride. Make constant calls to find out about plans for the 2021 season of the National Women’s Soccer League that was suspended due to the pandemic. Morgan’s priority is to have games before postponed Tokyo Olympics.