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AMLO reiterates a call not to go to the pantheons this Day of the Dead

Recalling that this Saturday begins the three-day national mourning for the deceased from COVID-19, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on the population not to attend the pantheons on Day of the Dead.

“I call again that you cannot go to the cemeteries, and the situation is very sad, because many could not see their relatives, their deceased, due to this terrible pandemic, so that they are with us present with the customs that come from afar “.

At his press conference, the president invited not to lose the tradition of the altars of the dead, of the flower paths, and what is put on the altars like bread, what the deceased or the deceased liked.

“It is attributed to President Cárdenas that he was the one who began with the memory of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, he must have encouraged him, because he had a deep love for the people of Mexico.”

He noted that as part of the three days of national mourning, the flag will be hoisted at half mast; In addition, an offering of the native peoples will be placed in the National Palace, which will be disseminated by the media.

At the end of the conference, the president declared a part of the poem Discurso por las Flores by the poet Carlos Pellicer:

“The Mexican people have two obsessions: the taste for death and the love of flowers. Before we ‘spoke Castile’ there was a day of the month consecrated to death; there was a strange war that they called Florida and the altars dripped in blood good luck”.