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An ambitious decor for Halloween –

Year after year, Halloween buffs enjoy designing spooky, terrifying, or just plain fun decor to attract little monsters and superheroes on October 31st. Among them is Benoît Gendron, resident of the arr. of Saint-Hubert.

Mr. Gendron has made animated and illuminated decorations his specialty.

“I celebrate and decorate more and more every year. Last year, we finally did less than expected, due to the weather, and this year, it’s a sadder time. Despite this, we will welcome the children… It is our reward after all these efforts, ”he tells the newspaper.

“People are starting to know us and come from all over,” he adds.

If Mr. Gendron begins to decorate several days before October 31, it is really with the approach of Halloween that he redoubles his efforts and adds his animated decorations… if there is no rain.

To go for a walk: 495, rue Lucien-Milette, arr. of Saint-Hubert.

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Maxime Duval, under the threatening gaze of the Hulk