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Are the spirits there?

When the time comes for Halloween, houses turn into temples of witchcraft, haunted castles, mansions of horror. But ultimately, are there not behind this folklore reasons to believe in spirits? Bonnie Milner, founder of Ghost Hunt Alberta and Melissa Wilton from Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations (CAPI) have no doubts, they exist!

Arnaud Barbet

“I was born in Alberta, I grew up there. This province has a very rich past and therefore many forgotten stories. Many places have witnessed paranormal events. I have always wanted to discover them and share them with the public, ”explains Bonnie Milner.

A member of the Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations (CAPI) during an investigation. Courtesy: Mélissa

From an early age, she had to deal with the stigma suffered by one of her close relatives. “She saw and spoke with ghosts, I was young. Some thought she had mental illnesses. I believed her, so I had to understand. ”

Like her, Melissa Wilton and her team investigate. While the first has made it her profession, Melissa takes advantage of her weekends, her evenings to apprehend the intangible. “We all have another job during the day. We therefore investigate evenings and weekends. “

She also has family liabilities. “I witnessed events at my grandmother’s that I never really understood. This is how she became passionate about the subject, browsing books and publications. “The problems started when I was in 2nd year. I was fascinated by the myth of the bloody virgin Bloody Mary. I told my classmates, my teachers. A bad idea… ”she laughs. Today the story looks different.

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Covid19, Halloween, are spirits more present?

Melissa assures him that since the pandemic, more people are using her services. “People stay at home, they rediscover their home, but also the noises that go with it… If they don’t find a valid reason, it evokes a ghost,” she explains. Skeptical, she insists on the scientific aspect of her research and her tenacity in the face of the unthinkable.

Who today could believe in the paranormal? Bonnie has the answer: “You have to experience it once!” It is a sensitive subject, because we rub shoulders with death. It is not for us to make them believe! “Of course, she thanks all the” scary “shows that abound on the small screen during Halloween, but insists,” they do not represent our work, we do not evolve in fear, she reassures, well on the contrary ! “

Copie de Photo4 East Coulee Scool Museum with Ryan and debi
The classroom at East Coulee School Museum is surely one of the places where he finds the most paranormal events. The perfect place to take stock of measuring devices (photo taken before the pandemic). Credit: courtesy Ghost Hunt Alberta.

“The spirits are not there to hurt us, they want to share their stories. We therefore try to listen to them with the greatest respect, ”she adds. A respect shared by Melissa who emphasizes that “every investigation is taken very seriously. If the reasoned cause does not exist, then we are evoking the paranormal. Our contact with the spirits is done with courtesy. ”

The period is favorable. In the fall as in the spring, it seems that the activity increases. Why ? Bonnie has no idea, it’s just an observation. Nevertheless, it evokes a sensitive subject, even more today during the pandemic. “Sometimes, we happen to be confronted with people in distress, depression, victims of hallucinations. We are then walking on a wire… ”

Comments echoed by Melissa, who also faces this difficulty. “We have a nurse on our team; it allows us to streamline what’s going on. You have to find the right balance and the right words. Both agree that if the subject is brought up, people are grateful for having verbalized this possibility.

Perfect “ghost hunter” kit:
A digital infrared vision camera, an infrared thermometer, a movement detector, an electromagnetic field detector and for the more informed an Echovox device (phonetic database to communicate with our ancestors).

Places where we could shudder

Bonnie and her team are passionate about this resurfacing past. “When we arrive on the scene, we set up our equipment and try to be as calm as possible. In the dark, silent and respectful of what we are going to experience, ”she insists.

They thus experienced intense moments in particular at the East Coulee School Museum in Drumheller, a place rich in paranormal activities. “That day, there were 17 of us in the basement when a large dark mass crossed the room. As one man, we have seen this spirit pass before us. All communicated their astonishment and returned home convinced! “

Copie de Photo2 Aspen crossing Me and Charlotte
The team of Ghost Hunt Alberta is preparing for a long night of stalking (photo taken before the pandemic). Credit: courtesy Ghost Hunt Alberta.

The list of places where there could be a paranormal presence is long. “Alberta has a rich history. Old villages, sometimes forgotten, the adventure of rail, and mining extraction mean that there is a lot of energy, spirits and ghosts that circulate around us, ”says Mélissa.

Without going far, she recalls that night spent at the Airdrie house in Heritage Park. “We had our equipment installed. It ran all night. We were recording from the Prince house. It was an incredible noise. Someone was going down and up the stairs, moving and making a lot of noise. I never understood where it came from, ”she says enthusiastically.

So, don’t be surprised if on Halloween night you hear some strange noises and see ghosts around you. “You just have to respect their presence,” says Bonnie, with a final thrill.

Links to find out more. Note that the investigations have resumed, but that the number of participants and the barrier measures have been adapted:

Investigation at the Johnston house in Drumheller (2020) with the CAPI association and Ghost Hunt Alberta

Investigation in the basement of East Coulee School Museum in Drumheller

Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Hunt Alberta