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Armed group attacks state governments in Sinaloa; they detain four

A group of 10 armed men attacked elements of the State Preventive Police, in the receivership of Villa Juárez, in Navolato.

In the events, four people were arrested, of whom three were injured and seven firearms were secured; a submachine gun and three vehicles, one equipped to launch steel spikes.

As a result of these events, an element of the State Preventive Police was injured in an arm, without representing a danger to his health.

Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, Secretary of Public Security of the State, explained that this Friday morning, police officers found two vehicles in which armed men were traveling, who tried to flee by entering a house.

A third vehicle, with more armed men, arrived to try to break the security fence that had been placed in front of the house and allow his accomplices to flee the place, which led to a confrontation that lasted several minutes.

With reinforcements from the National Guard, the Navy and various police corporations, it was possible to arrest two of the criminals, one of them was injured and it was found that two wounded men had been admitted to hospitals in the Navolato municipality, which were part of the criminal group.

Regarding the remaining six, he indicated that they fled among the agricultural crops of the Navolato Valley, where a search operation was deployed by the three levels of government, so surveillance in that area will be increased.

The criminals were seized seven firearms, six of them automatic, including a machine gun and three vehicles; one of the units has a system to launch steel spikes to puncture tires in the event of a chase.