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At least two homes are burned in Caborca, Sonora

A group of criminals fired large caliber weapons at homes and burned at least two in Caborca, Sonora.

During the night and early morning of this Friday, October 30, residents of the municipality reported heavy shootings and denounced the illegal deprivation of liberty of two people.

At dawn, two houses burned on avenue “C” and private del Sol, to one side of the Pueblo Viejo temple, were guarded by elements of the State Public Security Police (PESP).

Violence prevails in this region of the desert where the inhabitants of the municipalities of Altar, Caborca, Pitiquito and Sonoyta live in distress despite the strong protection of elements by the National Guard, state and municipal police.

Violence in the region

State Public Security has the report of two fires of uninhabited homes and one shot with impacts on the door and window. No people were reported injured.

On Thursday afternoon, a woman was deprived of her liberty in a food business located in Internacional and Quiroz y Mora.

Hours earlier, in Pitiquito, two men who were at a beer outlet located along the international highway were shot and taken to receive medical attention.

On the road section from Pitiquito to Caborca, the lifeless body of Juan Carlos “N”, 40 years old, who had been deprived of liberty, was found.

Residents of this region assure that the violence has forced the exodus and the closure of businesses due to the “payment of the floor” by criminal groups.