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Because it’s never enough: they create the bread of the dead stuffed with chilaquiles

This creation will be available until November 5. Photo: instagram chilaquildelvalle


In case you thought that there were no new versions of the much loved and delicious dead bread, we tell you that a new type has emerged.

In recent days we have seen the rainbow-colored one, hamburgers, the combination with rosca de reyes, among others.

But in social networks a new type has gone viral that has caused a craving to more than one: the dead bread stuffed with chilaquiles.

This creation from Chilaquil del Valle has natural tortilla chips or bathed nopal in different sauces, They can be green, red, pasilla, mole peanut, drunk. In addition to some protein such as egg, chorizo, milanesa, chicken, jerky, steak, chistorra, rib, longaniza or flank steak. And accompanied by quesillo or quesi manchego, without missing the avocado.

It should be noted that the bread is not sugary, but is accompanied by sesame.

The creators claim that they do it to pay tribute to the people who are no longer with us. And they point out that they will be available only until the 5th of November.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn how to prepare the traditional bread of the dead, in the following video we show you how.

To enjoy!

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