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CDMX exceeds 15 thousand deaths from covid-19

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The Mexico City surpassed this Thursday 15 thousand dead by covid-19 since the pandemic, after 60 new deaths were added to the registry last Wednesday.

In the summary of covid-19 cases provided this October 29 by the capital government, it is detailed that they have so far 159 thousand 680 accumulated confirmed cases.

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The capital is in Orange traffic light with alert And despite the fact that citizens have been asked not to lower their guard to avoid the proliferation of infections, the trend in the number of people hospitalized for covid-19 is on the rise.

It should be remembered that Mexico City maintains 158 colonies in Red Traffic Light, that is, under the priority care program. The mayor’s office with the highest number of colonies in this condition is Gustavo A. Madero with 17, followed by Magdalena Contreras with 16 and Iztapalapa and Tlalpan with 14 each.

Unlike the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, which does not register any neighborhood within the program.

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When questioning the head of government if the capital could return to a red light, she ruled it out completely, however, she indicated that new measures are being analyzed to prevent infections from continuing to rise.

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