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Covid infects electoral campaigns in the US

Illustration: Erick Zepeda


In early 2020, the fight for the White House seemed clear. On the one hand, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, dealt a series of blows to the then Democratic candidate Joe Biden, while he, on the other hand, fought for the internal election.

The Republican used all available means to win the vote that could lead to reelection, but on January 15 his electoral strategy had to take an unexpected turn. The first suspected case of covid-19 was confirmed in the North American country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that a 35-year-old man from Wuhan, China, who arrived at the Seattle International Airport, had covid-19.

From that moment on, Trump’s campaign was the target of criticism for handling the health crisis.

After being confirmed as a Democratic candidate, Biden used the government’s health management as his strongest weapon.

The number one issue for the Democrats was Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and if Biden wins, that handling would be the main reason for his victory, “said Félix Boni, general director of HR Analytics, at a virtual press conference.

Between January and February, everything indicated that Trump was going to win, but now, if he loses, the reason will be the handling of the crisis ”, which so far has left more than 228 thousand dead and nine million confirmed cases in that country, the most affected of the world.

On October 2, a skeptical president, who refused to wear a mask, tested positive for the virus, hitting financial markets and destabilizing the electoral scene. Trump must have put a brief hiatus from his rallies, while Biden used that to reinforce his message.

How are you going to protect the country, if you can’t even protect yourself? ”Former President Barack Obama launched at an event in favor of Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

The convalescence of the president gave way to electoral authorities determining that the second debate was in virtual format, something that the Republican rejected.

After ten days of quarantine, the president resumed his events with the public and launched new attacks against his rival.

The contrasting rallies of both, one in front of hundreds of supporters and another choosing events in cars as a measure to prevent contagion, gave a new reason for voters.

All the polls favor the Democrat, but the Electoral College will make the difference and, without a doubt, the coronavirus will be the theme that defines the winner on November 3, Boni added.