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The IoT offers us almost infinite possibilities derived from the Author: Tecnolite Connect


The Internet of Things (IoT: Internet of Things, in English) could be quickly summarized as the interconnection of several smart devices for daily use through the network, which collect data and carry out actions to improve people’s quality of life. More can be learned through its history. Although it is a concept that has only been part of the lives of users for a short time, the term was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a British technologist who expanded the possibilities of radio frequency identification. In an interview, Ashton said that “I knew I wanted to include the word ‘internet’, because then I could get some acceptance”, without thinking, at that moment, to what extent the internet would become involved in everyday life. Ashton envisions today’s IoT as if the senses had finally been added to the brains of computers, which gather information from the real world and act for the benefit of all.

The antecedents of what is now known as the Internet of Things has its origin in the electrical configuration of devices that generate automatic actions through sensors, such as the doors of shops or airports, which open by themselves when entering and close when they detect that someone has left, or escalators with a presence detector, which reactivate when you step on the first step, saving energy by not having them running all the time. Technological research progressed little by little, the possibilities were more sophisticated and, at the same time that they became more accessible, microsensors and processors were incorporated into everyday objects, for example, spotlights, surveillance cameras, switches, etc. etc., in order to obtain information from the environment and exchange it through the internet, to facilitate day-to-day life.

In order for the Internet of Things to be talked about, these basic requirements have to be met: Internet connection, of course; smart devices connected wirelessly to the network, a control platform and a user who determines the tasks that the devices must perform. Smart devices receive information, analyze it, communicate with each other and automatically and jointly execute the action programmed by the user through a control platform. Thanks to great advances, IoT technology creates the opportunity for it to be accessible and the ease of being able to manipulate devices from the palm of one hand.

The IoT is the internet brought into the physical world to transform the current way of life and positively influence the productivity, optimization and efficiency of an unimaginable number of processes involved with human activity. Bringing the IoT up to the day is trusting technology and using it in favor of society, it is the possibility of living today the digitized world that was imagined for the distant future. Tecnolite Connect invites users to join this trend. The brand has the necessary products to start living it, experiencing its benefits and getting a genuine WOW!

Written by: Tecnolite Connect.

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