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Entrepreneurship to face disease – L’

Nadia Chandonnet has always struggled with mood disorders. When she was finally diagnosed last year, she was told she would live her entire life with minor chronic depression, a mental health disorder called dysthymia. Determined not to let illness guide her life, Nadia took the bull by the horns and chose to create a tailor-made job for herself, while respecting her limits.

Unable to understand what was happening to her for many years, she had even come to wonder if she was normal. Now that she can finally put words to what she is experiencing, Nadia sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’ve been living with this since I was a teenager,” she says. At school, I often lacked energy and had a hard time staying motivated. It didn’t stop me from doing a master’s degree, although it was difficult. It was as if I still had a weight to drag. It was heavy on a daily basis. I was crying for no reason, I was tired and my body was not keeping up. I had goals, but not the energy to reach them. ”

“I have always had difficulty keeping my jobs,” continues the latter. Not because I wasn’t doing the job, but because I was having trouble following a regular schedule. For me, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. is deadly. I am able to do it, but not in the long term. I tried it several times and it always ends the same: I fall back. With all that, my CV is not very attractive to employers. ”

In 2010, living with major depression, Nadia decided to consult for the very first time. “After that, I had about eight years of ups and downs with the medication, with no lasting results, until I started therapy with a social worker and was also referred to psychiatry. In 2019, the verdict fell. ”

Despite the shock to take, Nadia realized that she would live with dysthymia her whole life. Soon, she began to wonder what she was going to do with her professional career in this situation.

“I couldn’t see myself spending my life on medicare or welfare,” she says. It was there that I decided to be my own boss and look for my own contracts according to my strengths and limitations. It was there that I had the idea to create my company, Multi-projects Nadia Chandonnet. ”

After rain the good weather

Entrepreneurship, involving the management of his schedule, seemed to him to be the best solution. In April 2019, she embarked on this new adventure. Since then, contracts and ideas have been linked.

“I’m a curious person with a lot of interests,” she says. I have talent in sewing and I have experience in several areas, especially in data entry. I started doing bookkeeping for my sister who has her business. I started to find contracts and at the same time I decided to launch my own products. The first I made are night wolves made from recycled fabrics. I have also made masks lately since the demand was there. ”

For about a month, she has been making Christmas stockings filled with products from about fifteen Quebec artisans. Among these, several are from the region, including the painter Sonia Goulet, Accro-magnants (Marie-Ève ​​Noël) and le Tiroir à Bobettes (Mélanie Chandonnet).

“For each stocking sold, a donation of approximately $ 2 will be given to the organization La Locomotive, which fights against the stigma related to mental health,” explains Nadia. As my personal history is very strongly linked to mental illness, it goes without saying that I had to select an organization which works in this field. It’s important for me to pay it forward. ”

After ten years of trial and error, Nadia’s medication is still not ready. Despite this, she chooses to see the glass half full: at least her moods are pretty stable. With all the ground covered, it is confident that she is looking to the future. “Like what we can be sick and still find our way,” she concludes.