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Federalist Alliance celebrates that AMLO accepts invitation to dialogue

The ten governors who make up the Federalist Alliance, through a letter addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, indicated that they celebrate, “that he has accepted our repeated invitation to dialogue.”

This in response to the fact that the President stated that he would meet with the governors of the Federalist Alliance, who ask that the lack of resources for the entities be addressed, but without “politicking” because he has to take care of the presidential inauguration.

“If we dialogue, as long as there is no politicking, imagine that the presidential inauguration is used for partisan purposes, we have to be respectful of the presidential inauguration, it is not a personal matter, it is a matter that has to do with institutionality,” he said. .

In the letter, signed by the Alliance governors, they indicate that like him, “we share the concern that the presidential inauguration is used for partisan purposes.”

They reiterate the willingness to dialogue of the Republic, federalism and respect, “count on it. Like you, we seek an equitable country in all your orders.

“As governors, we are aware of the co-responsibility that concerns us in the well-being of all states and municipalities. Therefore, we are fighting for a solidarity but also sustainable federalism. Mexico demands unity and work. Let us close ranks with Mexico.”

In the document, they respectfully ask you to be so kind as to set a date for a work meeting and consider the following topics to be discussed: Federal Budget 2021, Special support due to the health and economic crisis, Route to review the National Coordination System Fiscal and Commitments to strengthen the Federal Pact.

“In consideration of the legislative clock, we invite you to receive us as soon as possible,” conclude the leaders.