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Halloween: police in residential areas and main thoroughfares – L’

The Trois-Rivières Police Department wishes to inform the population of an increased presence of staff for the evening of the Halloween party, this Saturday, October 31.

Given the current pandemic situation, this festival can still take place subject to certain recommendations from Public Health. The government mentioned three main conditions to be respected for the collection of sweets:

  • Children and their parents, for the youngest, must travel only in the company of members residing at the same address;
  • As far as possible, the children should collect the treats placed in a place located 2 meters from the occupants of the house visited;
  • Under no circumstances should children enter the houses.

The candy collection circuit should be limited to the neighborhood surrounding the participants’ homes. The traditional safety instructions regarding the choice of a clear or reflective color costume, favor make-up with a rigid plastic mask which can affect visibility and drive on one side of the street at a time in order to avoid zigzags, are always in order.

Due to the ban on gatherings, Halloween parties in private homes will not be tolerated. Staff will be dedicated specifically to monitoring residential areas as well as main arteries in order to secure the road network as well as the young people who will roam the streets to pick up sweets, but also with a view to respecting sanitary measures by population.

For more information related to public health guidelines regarding the Halloween party, go to