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INE notified about the registration of Delgado as leader of Morena

The National Electoral Institute (INE) notified the representative of Morena before that body about the registration of Mario Delgado as the national leader of that political institute.

The executive director of Prerogatives and Political Parties, Patricio Ballados, handed over the letter to Carlos Suárez Garza, owner representative of Morena before the INE, through which he reported that they have been registered in the registry book corresponding to Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández, as president of the National Executive Committee and general secretary, respectively.

The National Executive Committee continues to be formed – until now – as it is today, only the leadership and general secretary change.

Meanwhile, Delgado Carrillo’s replacement in the coordination of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies was appointed on Thursday. With 180 votes in favor, one against and four abstentions, the Morenoites elected Moisés Ignacio Mier Velazco, recognized as an operator close to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.