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José Antonio Marín Gutiérrez is indicted for reckless homicide


José Antonio Marín Gutiérrez, who intends to become the board of directors of the Cooperativa La Cruz Azul, is identified as responsible for the death of Olivero Guerrero, according to photos and recorded videos last October 14, during the taking of the cement plant of Lagunas, Oaxaca, accused the organization’s spokesman Jorge Hernández.

He added that among the group of dissidents who entered the building violently were: José Antonio Marín and Víctor Manuel Velázquez, in the company of the state court clerk and lawyers.

In videos that circulate on social networks, it is observed how the black truck approaches among the riots of workers, the same vehicle that rammed Olivero Guerrero, according to the organization’s spokesman Jorge Hernández, who said that the victim was part of the entourage .

“He tried to stop the truck to get into it, why? because Oliverio was going with the Marín and Velázquez committee, he was going with them and trying to stop the truck. The truck not only didn’t stop. He rolled it over and dragged it several meters … ”, he explained.

Derived from the injuries caused by the run over, he was in agony for a few days until last Wednesday, October 21, when he died, without the family receiving any type of support or compensation.

They also accuse that, after the incident, the accused fled and later blamed other people through a statement.

For their part, in a video released by Víctor Manuel Velázquez and José Antonio Marín, they expressed that the Cruz Azul Cooperative regretted the death of Oliverio Guerrero and blamed a colleague for having pushed the deceased towards the passing of the truck.

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