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Lion assumes the tag of favorite


In Lion, they consider that little by little have been earning the respect of the other teams in Liga MX and the fact that today they are considered the favorites for the title, is something that motivates Andres Mosquera and his companions, facing the final phase of the tournament.

It is nice to feel that responsibility to be favorites, because we are gaining that respect, for that noise that we are generating, for the work that we have been doing. Nowadays, the title of favorite does not scare us, we know that that would happen because of what we had been demonstrating, “he declared.

The Colombian central consider that this Lion will reach the league with more experience and maturity than previous tournaments; knowing how to better manage the game times.

We are a team based on what we have experienced, it helps us to gain experience, to be able to better control other games. The team is seen with much more maturity and hierarchy. Hopefully that in the league helps us to be able to seal all the good with a title, “he said.