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López Obrador and businessmen sign truce after controversies

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, signed a truce with the country’s businessmen on Friday after several controversial decisions on energy and investment by ensuring at the closing of the Annual Meeting of Industrialists (RAI) 2020 that he could not “move forward to Mexico “without your help.

“I am always talking about businessmen and I am recognizing the importance of the business sector in our country. We could not move Mexico forward, we could not reactivate our economy without the participation of the business sector,” said the president in his speech recorded and projected in the virtual meeting of industrialists, sponsored by the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin).

López Obrador recognized the businessmen who did not make mass layoffs during the pandemic, for which he maintained that in March 2021 there will be “the same number of (formal) jobs that were had before the pandemic” of COVID-19, a figure that in February it was in 20.5 million jobs.

“We are coming out of the crisis, the forecast we made that we were going to fall but that we were going to get up soon, and that is what is happening, is coming true. A ‘V’: we fell, we hit bottom in April and we are already going to the surface. We are already on track to return to the situation we were in before the pandemic, “he reiterated.

This Friday it was known that the Mexican gross domestic product (GDP) rebounded 12% in the third quarter of the year, although the annual contraction is still at 8.6%.

Faced with the skepticism of businessmen, who have complained both verbally and with legal action over changes in energy policy and reviews of investment projects, the president said that he wants “investment to be encouraged, procedures to be simplified” and that “No arbitrariness is going to be committed.”


“I am very clear that we have to provide facilities, that there is trust. This will imply a commitment from the parties so that businessmen continue as the vast majority do, contributing without the need for supervision, but rather that they have the conviction that they must contribute for the development of the country, “he said.

López Obrador’s words came just at the end of RAI 2020, in a closing ceremony that Carlos Salazar, the president of the largest Mexican employer association, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), took the opportunity to ask again “that the rules be clear. , that the regulations are known “.

Salazar considered that the event of the industrialists, which was already inaugurated with good words from the Government to the businessmen, demonstrated “the commitment of the private sector to try to improve the welfare of society” and of Mexico, but that this requires investment .

“Invest so that through investment more employment is created, so that through employment a greater amount of consumption can be brought with it. We are going to move the economy, and by moving it we are going to attack the main sources of poverty in our country. country, “he declared.


The Secretary of Economy, Graciela Márquez, supported the presidential speech by indicating that she has the “commitment to promote conditions for investment”, since her ministry is using “all the instruments and powers that the law establishes” to favor it.

“Obstacles to a sector or a group are created when there are privileges, hence the central role of promoting competition in our strategy of providing equal opportunities.”, Márquez justified the last episodes.

Due to the health contingency, the Annual Meeting of Industrialists and the industrial fair of the Hannover Messe International Transformation Mexico (ITM) took place in a completely virtual way, due to the health contingency, in the same online platform during the last three days.

As announced by the organizers of the RAI and the ITM, the event platform received more than 20,000 registrations of attendees in the first two days and could have reached the end of the forum to double the initial goal of 15,000 attendees.