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PTI: Nathalie Boisclair satisfied with the amounts planned for Saint-Hubert –

The sums provided for in the 2021-2022-2023 Triennial Capital Works Program (PTI) for the realization of numerous projects in the Arr. of Saint-Hubert, such as the aquatic complex and the repair of parks, delighted Borough President Nathalie Boisclair.

“This project is long overdue,” she says, “about the aquatic complex whose construction will begin in 2021. I have wished for it since my children took their swimming lessons at the Rosanne-Laflamme sports center, which was not enough. already more on demand, at that time, more than 20 years ago. “

At a cost of $ 31 million, the project that will take shape at Gérard-Philips Park will have 10 lanes of 25 meters in the learning pool, a recreational pool, springboards, recreational equipment, as well as 200-seat bleachers.

Two multi-purpose rooms, a gymnasium, administrative offices as well as premises provided for community organizations complete the offer.

Remember that the building that housed the Center Optimiste Laflèche will be destroyed due to the extent of the work that would have been necessary for its repair. The organization’s activities will take place in the new complex.

The Gérard-Phillips soccer / football field will be relocated.


Parks and sports facilities will be the subject of work from 2021. This is the case of Parc Meunier, whose playgrounds will be completely redesigned, and which will be enhanced with water games. Water games will also be added to Armand-Bruno Park.

Pierre-et-Bernard-Lucas Park will also be getting a makeover.

In 2022, the baseball fields at Parc des Vétérans will be renovated at a cost of $ 1.5 million.

“These parks are located near daycares and community centers. They are frequented by summer day camps. This work will benefit a large number of users, ”believes Nathalie Boisclair.

The advisor also mentions an amount of $ 600,000 reserved for the development of 12 light tennis courts (pickleball).

Ms. Boisclair also recalls the $ 4.2 million planned for next year for the inventory, felling and reforestation of urban parks and woodlands throughout the territory.