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Scolding in the dressing room; ‘would have made 11 changes’


The Atlético de San Luis coach, Guillermo Vazquez, admitted that his team entered little compromised for the duel against Mazatlan and after the 0-5 win, he revealed what he said to his players at halftime.

“There are few words to mention, we had bad days, but this day was very bad, the truth is that the team entered totally lukewarm, little compromised. The truth is we did not offer any resistance to the rival, everything that had been done we stopped doing at half time and they took advantage of all the facilities we gave, we were a very easy prey. At half time I did tell them that it was not worth it, which was a very big shame, so this team or any professional can not be represented and if I could have made 11 changesThis game was very unpleasant, then they tried to do something, but it was already very complicated, ”he mentioned.

The helmsman of the Potosinos limited himself to saying that it had been a very difficult night and that his future will be decided by the managers.

“About me, what will happen I don’t know. I have tried to do the best I could and the truth is that the results are not what we have planned and I am in the hands of what the directive says and wait what happens, good evening, “said the strategist and left the press room.