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Senate agrees to reduce ISR rate on digital platforms

Morena’s parliamentary group in the Senate of the Republic presented a proposal and it was accepted this Thursday to modify the Income Tax Law (ISR), and thus reduce the single withholding rate on digital platforms such as Uber, Sin Apron and Airbnb .

The senator for Tlaxcala, Ana Lilia Rivera, took the stand to present the reform initiative to reduce the single rate approved by the deputies, which, as of 2021, passenger transport drivers, food delivery people, the who rent their house and those who sell goods through digital platforms.

For her part, Senator Lucy Meza explained that the single rate that the platforms will have to retain from drivers who provide passenger transport services contracted over the internet, such as Uber, will drop from 2.8% to 2.1%.

For those who rent their house or apartment for tourist purposes, the single rate they should pay to the treasury would go from 5% to 4%.

While for those who sell goods and provide services through companies such as Mercado Libre, Canasta Rosa and Sin Apron the rate goes from 2.4% to 1%.

The foregoing, he stressed, will allow promoting the commercial activity of entrepreneurs in the collaborative economy.

The reservation proposal was accepted and approved in the Senate to modify article 113-A fraction one, two and three one for the provision of services and delivery of goods, lodging and sale of goods, and will be endorsed in the vote of the reserved articles .

With this, the single ISR rate that drivers, food delivery people, those who rent their apartments and sell things online, will pay will be lower as of 2021.

Due to these changes, senators will have to make adjustments, albeit minor, to the cover of the minute of the initiative of the draft decree of the Federal Revenue Law for fiscal year 2021.