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Senate returns to San Lázaro Federal Bill of Rights

The Senate of the Republic returned to the Chamber of Deputies the Minute with a draft decree to reform the Federal Law of Rights, after five reservations of members of the Morena caucus were approved to protect tourism in the state of Quintana Roo.

“The decree with which various provisions of the Federal Law on Rights are amended, added and repealed is approved in general and in particular. It is returned to the Chamber of Deputies for the purposes of the fraction of Article 72 of the Constitution,” he declared the president of the Board of Directors, Eduardo Ramírez.

One of these reservations was to Article 11 of the Federal Law of Rights to eliminate the exemption for foreign visitors who enter the national territory by land and whose stay does not exceed seven days, and was presented by Senator José Luis Pech Várguez, of Quintana Roo.

He argued that charging visitation fees to foreign tourists would affect the economy of the area.

“This measure affects the state of Quintana Roo economically and very severely, since it very severely reduces the number of Belizean or Guatemalan visitors who cross the border for less than seven days to visit our tourist areas and purchase products or services in shops. from the area, “he said.

Pech Várguez also put reservations to the reform of article 198 to increase the payment of rights by an amount of 1,500 pesos per person per day to access protected natural areas, considered as having a very low carrying capacity due to the high fragility of their ecosystems.

This has led the authority to classify that the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve was changed from item 1 to 1Bis so that the cost of the visitors’ rights increases.

“With this, what they have done is that the cost of the rights of the visitors increases, generating an increase of 1900%, from 71.53 pesos to 1,500 pesos and that invalidates the tourist product that is there,” he warned.

Freyda Maribel Villegas Canché, also from Morena, presented three reservations to consider in the economic package so that the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas becomes federal zone 11 to 4, as it is the only municipality where the registry has grown exponentially before a directly affected by the federal zone tax of 800%.

“A hotelier in Holbox that paid 80 thousand pesos a year, with this new reclassification of the federal zone would be paying like 1 million pesos. A hotel with 10 rooms has no comparison with one in Cancun with three thousand rooms. It is not the same situation, “he said.

He also presented reservations to article 11, so that foreigners who come to the country by land to Chetumal are not charged, and to article 198 section I and I-Bis, so that in protected natural areas such as the Parque Nacional de Arrecifes de Alacranes and the Banco Chinchorra Biosphere Reserve the cost of access would increase to 1,500 pesos, which considered an excessive increase and because with the economic situation that the state is experiencing, this amount is unpayable.