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Senators Adjust Revenue Law; reduce ISR retention for apps

Morena and his legislative allies endorsed the Revenue Law with modifications, so they sent it to the Chamber of Deputies for the changes to be discussed and ratified. Photo: Special


With the vote of Morena and his legislative allies, the full Senate modified the 2021 income package and changed the Federal Income Law, by including 33 billion pesos from the Health Fund for Well-being, so that the income of the country for next year are for six billion 295 thousand 736 million 200 thousand pesos.

The plenary session of the Senate also reversed the reforms that allowed the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to take photographs and video recordings of taxpayers’ assets.

Reduced the ISR retention rate to digital platforms. Thus, it goes from 2.8 to 2.1% for passenger land service; from 5% to 4% for lodging services and from 2.4% to 1% for services and sale of goods.

However, he rejected the proposals of the PAN, PRI, Emecistas, Verdeecologists and PRD members to cancel the increase in the payment of rights for the radioelectric spectrum, with which the possibility of increasing prices in cell phone service and internet remains in force.

In addition, it refused to make changes in the matter of authorized donees, so they will no longer be able to deduct income taxes unrelated to the nature of their work, even the brunette Martha Lucía Micher proposed to exempt the donees that are part of the registry from these new provisions. of beneficiaries of the National Institute of Social Development.

The PRI member Sylvana Beltrones and the PAN member Gustavo Madero highlighted the importance of authorized donees and recalled that the fact of carrying out activities beyond their nature, in order to obtain more resources, does not make them irregular organizations.

Moments before, the morenista Claudia Balderas said from the platform that the authorized donees have incurred abuses and most of their income does not correspond to the nature of their work; with this reform, he said “we are closing the key of omission.

After an intense debate with the opposition, which for a few moments almost burst the quorum to stop the Federal Revenue Law, the Senate decided to modify the face of the legislation for next year, so that the 33 One billion pesos that will include the Health Fund for Well-being are registered in the category of Utilities, which go from 119 thousand 458.2 million pesos to 152 thousand 458.2 million pesos; in particular, in the concept of “Others”, which now go from 111 thousand 477.4 million pesos to 144 thousand 477.4 million pesos.

The Health Institute for Wellbeing will invite the fiduciary institution of the Health Fund for Wellbeing so that, no later than April 1, 2021, it concentrates in the Federation Treasury the amount of up to 33 billion pesos of the patrimony of the trust, for the fulfillment of health purposes, ”says the new transitory Article 15 added by Morena in the Senate.

PRI and MC tried to add that this money should be for vaccines and medicines, but Morena did not accept.

Although the Senate committees, dominated by Morena, tried to approve the reform to the General Health Law that provides this movement of the Health Fund for Well-being; the opposition did not appear and there was no quorum; For this reason, the PAN warned that having included the amount in the Income Law, without the reform of the General Health Law, is totally irregular.

The opposition also warned that the 2021 revenue package contains a reduction of up to 12% to the shares of 22 states, which will put them at risk.