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‘Setback, rejection of abortion’

Feminists, defenders and defenders of the rights of women and people of sexual diversity considered as a setback that the Guerrero Congress has rejected the decriminalization of abortion for rape, as well as equal marriage.

Yesterday Thursday, outside the local Congress, a group of feminists protested in rejection of the opinion that the Justice commission approved last Tuesday, in which it rejected reforming article 159 of the Civil Code to remove the condition faced by women who are pregnant because of rape and they want to abort.

The article says that women who were pregnant due to rape and want to have it interrupted need to file a complaint and a Public Ministry will authorize the procedure.

However, the activist Ema Cerón denounced, the Justice Commission increased the obstacles for women to access abortion.

Cerón pointed out that in Guerrero women report their rapists very little, especially in rural areas, such as the Sierra and La Montaña.

He added that the reform only exposes women and girls to their rapist, takes them into hiding, re-victimizes them and truncates their life projects.

For her part, the doctor Cristina Romero, from the Citizen Observatory of Violence against Women in Guerrero (Obvio), denounced that this reform poses a setback for the rights of women and girls.

“It is regressive and an aberration that seeks to put greater legal locks that could lead to forced pregnancies, affecting in a particular way indigenous women, girls and adolescents of the state,” he said.

In this sense, he indicated that the opinion of the Justice commission criminalizes medical personnel who decide to interrupt the pregnancy.

Separately, the LGBTI + Orgullo Guerrero collective affirmed that the local Congress’s rejection of equal marriages is an attack against the secular state and human rights.