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Silvano Aureoles violated the Constitution by asking not to vote for Trump: Segob

The governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, made a call not to vote for Trump. Photo: Cuartocuro


After the dissemination of a video where he calls on fellow citizens living in the United States not to vote for Donald Trump, the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), Olga Sanchez Cordero I send a letter to the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, where he accuses him of violating the Mexican Constitution and the Estrada doctrine.

In the letter dated this Friday, October 30, the person in charge of the country’s internal policy exhorted the state president “to conduct his acting as a public servant of the Mexican State to the constitutional precepts, to the jurisdiction that it establishes and with respect to the sovereignty and self-determination of other nations. “

Sánchez Cordero argues that the direction of Mexico’s foreign policy corresponds to him in exclusive to the Federal Executive Power, “so it seems to me, at least strange, the confusion that it arouses in the migrant population, not only in their state, but in all Mexicans abroad, with the video that he published yesterday on their social networks. confusing a call to political participation with favoring one of the candidates in an external electoral contest.

A matter that seems to me, moreover, serious, since it places the Mexican State in a very delicate situation in terms of foreign policy. The violation of the Estrada doctrine by you, and that it was formulated in the time of another Michoacan, constitutes a regrettable and anecdotal precedent in national history, “he said.

Remember that respect for the Federal Constitution and that of Michoacán, non-intervention in the internal affairs of another State, the self-determination of the peoples and their freedom to choose their rulers sovereignly, are principles, not only constitutional but also of foreign policy.

Meddling in the way you do in the internal affairs of another country, in an external electoral process, doing foreign policy when it is not your responsibility, constitutes a violation of the Constitution, “he stressed.