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The movie you can’t miss on Halloween, according to Tarantino

Arantino got married on November 28, 2018 to Israeli model Daniella Pick. Photo: Reuters


Halloween is just around the corner and, while it is true that the pandemic of coronavirus has left costume nights and parties this year crowded offside … there will always be the cinema to make the most terrifying evening of the year a special moment.

And there are few cinematographic prescribers better than Quentin Tarantino himself, who has a particular recommendation to live in front of the screen a night of fear.

It was during a virtual appearance held at PaleyFest, an event in which he was accompanied by Eli Roth, director of films such as Hostel, The Green Hell or Cabin Fever, where Tarantino launched his recommendation for a truly scary Halloween: It’s about Devil times five, also known as Peopletoys, a 1974 film directed by Sean MacGregor and David Sheldon whose title in Spanish is Mortal Harassment.

Tarantino himself accompanied his recommendation with a brief summary of the film in which he highlighted the work of the then young actor Leif Garrett as “leader of some murderous children”.

He does an amazing performance in this movie. It is tremendous and it is very past laps, but that is what makes it great. It amazed me, “says the director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Inglourious Basterds or Pulp Fiction enthusiastically.

The plot of the slasher that amazed Taratino is most picturesque: A bus transporting child patients crashes on its way to a psychiatric hospital. Only four of the children and a nun, the sinister sister Hannah, survive the terrible accident. The five will seek refuge in a nearby luxurious villa and, once there, they will begin to assassinate all its occupants. in the most brutal and bloodthirsty ways imaginable.

And, as the trailer shows, precisely that, imagination and desire to kill, Little psychopaths are not lacking.

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