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The Quebec Days of International Solidarity in virtual mode – L’

The Trois-Rivières Solidarity Committee has unveiled its program of activities for the Quebec Days of International Solidarity (JQSI) which will take place this year in virtual format, from November 5 to 14, on the theme of migration justice.

The 24e edition of the Quebec Days of International Solidarity will reach the public in the region through screenings, publications, a panel and an exhibition that will be freely accessible online at

Migration: human stories

In 2019, 79.6 million people around the world, or 1 in 100 people, were forced to leave their homes. Of this number, 40% were children. Behind this staggering increase in forced migration, there is an increase in conflicts, natural disasters and global inequalities. There is also the economic system based on the exploitation of the natural resources of the South which comes at the expense of the living conditions, human rights, peace and ecosystems of the populations of the South.

The injustices faced by migrants are complex and numerous, including human rights violations, systemic inequalities and racism, criminalization and detention, and economic and sexual exploitation.

“Migration justice leads us to take a fair and united look at the realities experienced by migrants, here as elsewhere, and to ensure that their rights are respected. This is why the migratory justice considers migration as a deeply human phenomenon, a priori possible and positive, rather than prohibited and negative ”, we can read via the official press release.


The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the injustices suffered by migrants and refugees.

“In Quebec, people without status or in precarious status still have limited or no access to health care, in particular to the coronavirus screening test. Many of them work in industries and services deemed essential, migrants are more at risk of contracting COVID-19. Although they have been hit hard by the current economic crisis, they are generally excluded from government assistance programs. ”

The CS3R team, in collaboration with regional and provincial partners, has developed a varied program of activities, tools and actions to raise awareness and mobilize the region’s public on the theme of migration justice.

The Evening of committed short films, scheduled for November 6, will be broadcast from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Culture Trois-Rivières website, partner of the event. Les P’tites Vues offers an evening of international short films that address the themes of migration, social engagement, the environment and engaged art.

On November 10, the film Far from Bashar will be broadcast from 7:30 p.m. for free and live on the Facebook page of the Association of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI), organizer of the activity. Loin de Bachar draws a nuanced portrait of a Syrian refugee family established in Montreal, whose daily life is still marked by a never-ending war. The broadcast will be followed by a virtual exchange with director Pascal Sanchez and Muzna Dureid, activist for the construction of peace in Syria.

On Wednesday 11 November, you can attend the Virtual opening of the exhibition Change the world, one work at a time. In the presence of speakers, participants and the public, there will be video clips presenting some of the hundreds of works of art produced in 2019-2020. The 9th edition of this popular education and engaged art project brought together nearly 300 participants from community and school circles. Registration required at

An online panel, “Migration: a story of solidarity”, Will be broadcast by AQOCI on November 12 at 4 p.m. We will hear from Ms. Marie-Claire Rufagari, researcher and trainer on migration for 25 years and Professor Ndioro Ndiaye, president of the Alliance for Migration, Leadership and Development (AMLD). The whole will be hosted by artist La Bronze, spokesperson for JQSI 2020, who will also perform a musical performance.

Finally, from Friday November 13 to November 15, Mauritians are invited to watch the film for free “DheepanWhich tells the story of three refugees trying to start a new life in France after having fled the civil war in their country of origin. Registration required at

The Trois-Rivières Solidarity Committee (CS3R) was given the mandate to coordinate the activities of the JQSIs in the region, since the organization in Trois-Rivières is a leader in popular education and international solidarity. Each year, several hundred people attend the various activities carried out by the Trois-Rivières Solidarity Committee as part of the JQSI. (JC)