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The Senate approves a ‘bailout’ of 33 mmdp from the Health Fund

The Senate of the Republic approved in general and in particular the Income Law 2021, which included a transitory article to withdraw 33 billion pesos from the Insabi Fund, despite the fact that it was not discussed or ruled in commissions, as indicated the legislative process.

The majority of Morena and its allies (PES, PT and PVEM) presented a last-minute reservation before the full Senate and without discussing it in committees to approve the withdrawal of 33 billion pesos from the Catastrophic Expenses Protection Fund or Fund of Health for Well-being.

The members of the Containment Block (PAN, PRI, MC, and PRD) accused that there was a mess in the process and that the legislative majority tried to include a transitory article in the 2021 Income Law to dispose of these resources; They considered it illegal because before a reform to the General Health Law should have been approved that would allow the withdrawal of said 33 billion from the Insabi Fund.

This reform could not be discussed or approved because the minute from the Chamber of Deputies arrived in the afternoon, while the legislators followed the plenary session to approve the fiscal miscellany and the reforms to the Federal Law of Rights, VAT and ISR. An extraordinary session of the Health and Second Legislative Studies commissions was summoned at 5:30 p.m., with the purpose of ruling on the minutes to make additions and modifications to the General Health Law.

There was no quorum in the extraordinary meeting of the joint commissions and, therefore, the reform of the Law was not passed; even so, the president of the Health Commission, Miguel Ángel Navarro, presented it with the support of Morena.

“It is illegal what they are trying to do, it does not matter if they change (to the reserve of Law) that instead of (the destination of the 33 billion pesos) being generic for health or for medicines. It is not right that they are trying to put through the back door a Revenue Law, a reform that they did not do, “said Senator Damián Zepeda (PAN).

“They have the right to make this reform, no more than they have not. They sent us a minute, they called a session but could not approve it, so it has no source, there is no legal source of income to put it into law. If so, it would be the Chamber of Origin that of Deputies, “he stressed.

The argument of the Morenoist senators is that the Fund’s money, corresponding to 109 billion pesos, was “idle”, that is, unused, and that it could be better used in the situation in which the country is due to COVID-19 .

The problem is that in the temporary proposed, it is stated that the resources will be used for health. While the opposition senators proposed labeling in the Revenue Law that the resources would be used for the acquisition of medicines.

“How is it possible to have that idle money when there are so many health problems in the country? It is incredible what they are doing. They make us empty in commissions and of course we make use of the majority, for that he gave it to us the people, “said Senator Antares Vázquez Alatorre (Morena).