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They ask to review Fiscal Pact with Federalist Alliance

The president of Conago, Juan Manuel Carreras, summoned all state leaders, including those of the Federalist Alliance, to jointly review the Fiscal Pact with the Ministry of Finance.

At a press conference, after a virtual meeting between governors and members of the Cabinet, Carreras reported that Conago will hold a video meeting next week with the head of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera.

“Reiterating our respect for any position that you want to establish and also reiterating our call to work, it seems to me that in this sense there is a very broad work agenda between the federal government and the states,” he said.

“That we have to continue addressing in a responsible and decisive way, because in order to resolve the issues, which, I reiterate, have been set as the great priorities around an agenda between the federal government and local governments, which is health care and attention to the economic emergency “.

The governor of San Luis Potosí considered that the analysis of the Fiscal Pact, which is also one of the central demands of the Federalist Alliance, should involve legislators and productive sectors, in addition to the states and the Federation.

Carreras recalled that for weeks the Conago drew up a route with the federal government that contemplates the installation of work tables with a view to holding a National Tax Convention in 2021.

“This will be a task for all of 2021, surely during the month of December we will have a precise and clear calendar that can be addressed to deal with this route, I do want to clarify that at no time has the federal government (…) refused to try to implement these tables and this route of work in that sense, “he mentioned.


El presidente de la Conago convocó a los mandatarios estatales a revisar el Pacto Fiscal:

*Carreras informó que la Conago sostendrá la próxima semana una videorreunión con el titular de Hacienda.

*El gobernador de San Luis Potosí consideró el análisis del Pacto Fiscal, que también es una de las demandas centrales de la Alianza Federalista.

*Conago trazó una ruta con el Gobierno que contempla la instalación de mesas de trabajo con miras a realizar una Convención Nacional Hacendaria en 2021.