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They complain to the US 15 days later for the Cienfuegos case

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported that through a diplomatic note and verbally, the Government of Mexico expressed its deep dissatisfaction to the United States for not having shared information about the detention of the former secretary of the National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos.

“After the electoral process in the United States there will be more details, and other follow-ups on this issue, but what have we done: first, consular assistance to General Cienfuegos [Zepeda] by the Mexican authorities, where our consul general has been from the first moment, because we have to guarantee that he has due process and defense, and that no abuses are committed, “he explained.

“Second, we have made known to the United States our deep dissatisfaction that this information has not been shared with our country, and third, a series of subsequent actions will be evaluated based on the elements that are presented throughout the trial” said Ebrard Casaubon at the press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He stated that the first call was a week ago and in writing -diplomatic note- the last one was yesterday (Wednesday, October 28), that is, a week after the arrest of General Cienfuegos (Zepeda), on October 15 in Los Angeles, California, in which the government of Mexico expressed its discontent.

President López Obrador asked to wait for the electoral period to pass in the United States, because he does not want his government’s position to be manipulated for electoral purposes.

The head of the federal Executive said that if General Cienfuegos is found guilty, it is an isolated event.

For this reason, regardless of whether General Cienfuegos Zepeda is guilty or not, his administration will defend the Army, which is a fundamental institution of the Mexican State.


The federal president rejected that the Mexican government will pay for the defense of General Salvador Cienfuegos, as proposed by the PRI, since he assured that public money cannot be used to pay for the defense of detainees.

He explained that the trial against the former Secretary of Defense for accusations of alleged links with drug trafficking is just beginning, so if these allegations are not proven, he will have to be released, and he will be able to sue for moral and economic damages.