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Victoria district: a survey to understand and prevent –

At its meeting of October 19, the municipal council mandated the professor of the School of Management Sciences of UQAM and member of the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec Danielle Pilette to investigate the progress of the file. from Quartier Victoria to the City, including “the approval process and possible inconsistencies between the documents submitted, the approvals and the implementation of the project”.

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The goal? Understand what happened in the file, find out if everything has been done on the Town’s side to prevent such a situation and, above all, prevent similar problems from arising with other promoters in the future.

Proposed by Councilor Bernard Rodrigue, this investigation does not particularly please Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

“It’s an initiative of the council,” he told the newspaper in September. I am very comfortable with that because I am convinced that our officials have acted in good faith, but I believe that we have to look ahead and I would prefer our resources to be used elsewhere. ”