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Xochimilco closes pantheons, but allows pilgrimage for Day of the Dead


Merchants of the Xochimilco mayor’s office installed a pilgrimage for the Day of the Dead, which has caused discontent among the population due to the coronavirus pandemic and the possible proliferation of infections that could occur, despite the fact that the tenants have sanitary measures.

In the pilgrimage, costumes, masks, baskets to ‘ask for a skull’ are offered, all kinds of makeup to characterize oneself as a horror character and face masks.

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In addition, there are sale of amaranth skulls and typical sweets in the pilgrimage that will remain next to the mayor’s office until next November 2.

Traders wear face masks and access is controlled.

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Despite this, on Twitter, users were upset by the decision of the mayor’s office to allow the installation of these posts and follow the instructions of the Government of Mexico City not to open the cemeteries to avoid crowds and thus contagion by covid -19.

It should be remembered that earlier this week, the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum reported that the public and private pantheons will remain closed this weekend within the framework of Day of the Dead.

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