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After parties, rebound in hospitalizations


This Day of the Dead, the capital city authorities recommended worshiping the deceased at home to mitigate the spread of covid-19 and thereby avoid an increase in the number of hospitalizations.

The background indicates that the number of hospital beds used has grown about two weeks after there was a holiday, according to local government figures.

For example, May 21 was the day with the highest number of hospitalizations for coronavirus during the pandemic with 4,573 people, of which 1,077 were intubated. The last figure increased a day later with 1,123 patients on a ventilator.

And although the authorities indicated that there was no correlation, 11 days before and despite the exhortation to take shelter at home, there were those who ignored it and went out to celebrate on May 10.

The growth rate of that week is slightly lower than in the previous weeks, I think that was rather when we reached the maximum peak and the reproductive rate began to decline “, he commented in an interview with Excelsior Eduardo Clark, general director of Digital Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation.

However, on July 14, even though the trend in hospitalizations was down, there was a peak that began on July 12, 20 days after the celebration of Father’s Day. By that date 3,456 people with SARS-CoV-2 were hospitalized and in 816 cases the patient was intubated.

On July 29, the curve rose again and 3,493 cases were registered, while on August 4, when it seemed that the trend was down, there was another rebound with 3,255 hospitalizations, this weeks after graduations.

Starting in the middle of September, hospital occupancy stabilized, but since October 10 there has been a slight increase in occupied beds.

Although we are improving, although we are not at a level like the one we had in May, we are still at levels that are very difficult to handle, as many people enter the hospitals every day. We are not on the other side and it is very easy, if we lose discipline, get out of control, and lose everything we have gained in six months of improvement in a month of sustained increases, “said the official from the capital.

Clark commented that in the last six weeks there have been, on average, between 200 and 240 daily admissions for covid-19 in the hospitals of the capital and again it has been detected that patients arrive in late stages, which complicates their care.

(They arrive) after their disease has evolved longer, which affects their prognosis a lot and they are also arriving, in some cases, with polypharmacy, we don’t really know who gives them, but it makes the therapeutic management of the disease , on the part of the hospital doctors, it is much more complex, “said Clark, who asked the population to comply with health measures.


From November 2 to 8, Mexico City will remain at an epidemiological orange traffic light with an alert.

The foregoing was reported by the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, who indicated that in the last 10 days there has been a slight increase in hospitalizations for covid-19 and that, if this continues, restrictions will be announced next week.

If the number of hospitalizations continues to increase during the next week, we would be announcing for next Friday and time restriction measures.

Why don’t we do it now? We do not do it now because we are with the idea that, just as in the previous time the territorial work we were doing worked a lot, we believe that it can bear fruit from next week, “he explained in a virtual press conference.

He pointed out that, despite this increase in the figures, it is still a long way from reaching the numbers that were had in May, the month with the most SARS-CoV-2 patients in the capital’s hospitals.

The capital president indicated that there is still a margin to reverse the upward trend, for which she urged citizens to comply with health measures and announced that territorial work and verifications by the Administrative Verification Institute will be reinforced.

We still have this week to make these adjustments, strengthen our inspection and surveillance visits, ”said the head of government.

Sheinbaum Pardo recalled that events with more than ten people are prohibited, as well as the operation of bars, canteens, steam rooms, billiards, sporting events with the public, concerts and mass events.

Finally, he called on the entire population to be responsible, to protect themselves and others and, above all, he reiterated that the use of face masks is essential to mitigate infections.


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  • The municipalities will transmit virtual celebrations through their social networks.

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