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ASF finds deficiencies in the Health Fund

The objective for which it was created is not being met, according to the ASF. Photo: Twitter ASF_Mexico


The Superior Auditor of the Federation (ASF) indicated that the Trust of the Social Protection System in Health (FSPSS) has deficiencies in its operating rules and in the system for managing surgical interventions.

According to the audit of said trust, managed by the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi) under the new name of Health Fund for Wellbeing, the objective is not being met with which it was created during the administration of former President Vicente Fox.

The document indicates that it is not achieved properly support comprehensively both to the beneficiaries of the program who require highly specialized medical services, to the hospital units that will provide those services, and to the states for the development of infrastructure.

Points out that there is lack of indicators and parameters to assess the opportunity with which the interventions were financed and the lack of monitoring of compliance with the purposes of the trust and of the trust resources, so it was not proven to what extent, in the application of resources to financially support the beneficiaries of the Social Protection System in Health who suffered from diseases that implied catastrophic expenses.

The recommendations to INSABI are aimed at strengthening the design and operation of the Health Fund for Well-being, as well as establishing information systems for the effective and efficient application of resources to finance the care of diseases that cause catastrophic expenses ”, it indicates the ASF.

It should be noted that in audit 174-DS, resources for 10 thousand 667.8 million pesos, of which 5 thousand 510.6 million pesos were granted from the Catastrophic Expenses Protection Fund to cover the payment of 66 thousand 417 hospital interventions.

Said audit details that the treatments, medicines and supplies determined by the General Health Council as catastrophic expenses were included, as well as the payment of the interventions related to patients diagnosed with HIV-AIDS.

A thousand 495.5 million pesos were allocated for the development of 30 projects of high specialty infrastructure and new technologies, and 3,661.6 million pesos, through the Budgetary Provident Fund, to cover the payment of 76 infrastructure projects for primary care and basic specialties.

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