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CNDH asks to clarify murder of journalist in Ciudad Juárez

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) demanded that the Chihuahua state authorities clarify the murder of journalist Arturo Alba Medina, who lost his life last Thursday after suffering an armed attack.

Arturo Alba was the host of “Telediario”, belonging to the Multimedios Televisión network, and his body was left in a vehicle in the Hidalgo neighborhood of the Ciudad Juárez municipality.

The attack against the also spokesperson for the Technological Institute of Ciudad Juárez occurred around 10:00 p.m., a few minutes after a live broadcast had ended.

Faced with this crime, the CNDH regretted the death of the communicator and demanded that the Chihuahua justice authorities find those responsible for the crime, in addition to providing psychological care to the victim’s relatives.

“The CNDH is emphatic in recognizing the important work carried out by communicators to keep citizens informed, thereby reinforcing the exercise of freedom of expression, an undoubted feature of a democratic society in which all opinions have a place.”

“In this sense, it highlights the obligation of the Mexican State to guarantee the journalistic exercise of communicators in an environment of trust and security, which allows addressing any issue of interest to the community, without being subjected to any type of censorship or aggression”, the national body expressed in a statement.