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Cold Front leaves 951 thousand affected in Tabasco

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A total of 51,955 people in 6,465 homes were affected by the torrential caused by Cold Front number 9 and Tropical Wave number 43, which left accumulated rains of up to 552 millimeters in 24 hours.

Jorge Mier y Terán said that the damage was mainly due to the fact that the water entered the houses or that it remained on the sidewalks.

Merchants in the city have begun cleaning, after their premises were closed all Friday due to the high level of the water that began to descend at night, after a kilometer of thermocycled pipe was placed to extract the stagnant water.

The effects also include the damage suffered by the La Pigua bridge in the Ciudad Industrial area where at least 14 thousand cargo vehicles circulate, and in particular, the circulation of this important road was reduced to a single lane.

In this regard, the director of Civil Protection, Jorge Mier y Terán assured that the bridge collapse was due to the fact that “a collapse and although it is a significant impact, there is no risk of the bridge collapse”

Meanwhile, state authorities declared an emergency in 17 municipalities in the state of Tabasco to undertake preventive and relief actions due to the hydrometeorological phenomenon.

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