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Evidence against Cienfuegos may fracture relationship with the US


The evidence presented by the New York District Court Prosecutor’s Office against General Salvador Cienfuegos may fracture the cooperative relationship with the United States, if it is confirmed that Mexican officials are being spied on, said María de Haas Matamoros.

The teacher in International Affairs in Politics and National Security and in Military Administration, indicated that the moment in which the prosecutor Richard Donoghue presents this evidence before a judge will be crucial, due to the response that the Government of Mexico has to issue.

“It will be interesting that the prosecutor Donoghue, who accuses General Cienfuegos on the part of the New York Prosecutor’s Office, present the evidence in which he determines if the United States government was spying on a secretary of state in office at that time.

“It will be painful to present that evidence without causing a diplomatic friction, because that would generate, could induce that the United States government would be spying on the current government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” said the specialist.

De Haas Matamoros, a civilian with a Master’s degree in Military Administration from the University of the Mexican Army and Air Force, explained that accepting the wiretapping of telephone calls to federal officials is a clear violation of the country’s sovereignty, which will affect bilateral cooperation.

“In terms of the relationship in matters of bilateral cooperation, security and defense, it generates a setback; Many years have worked so that the military of both countries can work through military diplomacy in favor of regional security.

“It will generate more mistrust in the military commanders at this time, precisely because they see that the accusation is an outrage against Mexican justice, that accusation is sustained based on evidence obtained illegally,” he said.

De Haas Matamoros indicated that attention should be paid to the political moment in which the former Secretary of Defense, General Cienfuegos Zepeda, was arrested, in the middle of the electoral campaign process in the US.

He explained that, in addition to affecting the diplomatic and military relationship, the act seeks to affect the institution that is currently a pillar in the political, infrastructure construction and welfare project of President López Obrador.

“The Sedena has become the most important arm or pillar of the State for the Fourth Transformation as well, it wants to delegitimize or demolish the image of incorruptibility of the Mexican Army, with an accusation sustained in fragile or illegally obtained evidence.

“This is what is undermining Mexico’s confidence in depositing in the Sedena the tasks, not only of public security, which are already constitutional, but also in strategic projects for well-being.

The specialist in International Affairs in Politics and National Security added that the Government of Mexico should be seeking the extradition of the former Secretary of National Defense, to judge him based on Mexican laws.

De Haas Miranda explained that the decision to assume the voice of this case was correct, to seek to take care of political management with prudence.

“He is being very prudent, as the case touches on sensitive aspects of the bilateral relationship, and may generate more mistrust at a high level, not only from secretaries of state.

“The evidence that this prosecutor is going to present must be taken into account, this is when there should be a response from the president. Prudence is essential to protect institutions ”, he commented.

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