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Federal government delivers 646.5 million pesos to states

The State of Mexico is the one that receives the most federal resources. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The federal government has delivered 646.5 billion pesos to the states of the Republic corresponding to federal shares, funds, taxes, etc.

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According to the Treasury report, from January to September of this year they have been delivered only for the concept of General Participation Fund 470 thousand 875 million pesos distributed among all states by parameters of population, poverty, and so on.

The Mexico state It is the one that receives the most federal resources, with 67 thousand 570 million pesos from the General Participation Fund; 8 thousand 976.5 for the collection of Income Tax (ISR); 3,424 from the Audit Fund; 2,258 of the Municipal Development Fund (FFM), among other participations.

In total, the Mexican entity receives 88,100 million pesos, according to the report released by the Secretary of Finance.

The agency pointed out that the transfers of resources from General Branch 28, Federal Participations and Economic Incentives, “are carried out in strict adherence to the criteria and distribution formulas established in the Fiscal Coordination Law and other applicable regulations.”

The report was offered by the President of the Republic in his morning press conference in the context of the controversy with the governors of the so-called Federalist Alliance, which require a redesign of the distribution of these federal shares.

The second entity to receive more resources is the Mexico City, with a total of 67 thousand 303 million pesos; follow him Jalisco, with 42 thousand 565 million pesos; Veracruz with 38 thousand 564 million; Y New Lion, with 30 thousand 622 million.

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According to the governors of the Federalist Alliance, the states that contribute more resources to the federal government through the collection of taxes do not receive back from the Treasury the percentage that corresponds to them.

Baja California Sur, with 4 thousand 737 million; Colima, with 4.867 million; Zacatecas, with 8,131 million; Morelos, with 8,419; and Quintana Roo, with 8 thousand 951 million, are the ones that receive the least resources from the Treasury.

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